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Race Image Insignia Description Type Planet

The few remaining members of the Talosian species were forced to adapt to a subterranean existence after their world was virtually destroyed by a terrible conflict. Having nothing of a world or society left, they became de-pendent on the realm of illusion, facilitated by an ancient technology first used in generations past. Due to the emptiness of their existence they resorted to capturing passing space vehicles, and they subjected their unwitting victims to their elaborate illusions. All but the most mentally resilient subjects would fail to resist the Talosians' attempts to bend their will, but there is hope yet for the Talosians. Only now are they beginning to understand their futile pursuits. With the open hand of friendship and trust they may emerge at last from their caves and abandon fantasy and embrace reality.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

The Talosians may be willing to share their knowledge and abilities and provide much needed security for the em-pire. Any spy or enemy would soon fold beneath the glare of a Talosian investigator.