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Source Code


  • last source code (it's in C#, also named CSharp. #Visual Studio is used for coding.)
    • Mike's Post: build in VS2010 with .NET 4.0. You may need the C# Async CTP.
      • Supremacy.Game.GameEngine is where you'll find most of the game logic. That's where most of the turn processing happens.
      • The SupremacyCore project is where you'll find the foundation of the game.
      • SupremacyService is just the game server (all the important bits it interacts with are in SupremacyCore).
      • SupremacyClientComponents is UI infrastructure.
      • SupremacyUI and SupremacyWPF are older UI infrastructure stuff, much of which has been phased out and replaced by newer and better stuff in SupremacyClientComponents. The most interesting stuff in SupremacyUI is GalaxyGridPanel, which draws the galactic map. It also has the spinning planet views.
      • Supremacy.Xna is where the XNA/3D stuff is located--it's not used heavily yet, but it has some effects for the invasion screen, a newer star renderer, a 3D spinning ship renderer, etc.
      • Supremacy.Scripting is an expression language parser/compiler.
      • SupremacyClient is the main graphical client and has most of the game screen implementations.

ClientContext vs AppContext

taken from

  • IClientContext is used by SupremacyCore to interface clients participating on a game, both local and over network. The IClientContext further includes an interface to IGameContext which gives access to the game data itself inside the SupremacyClient app
  • However there should be an option to also include local properties not known to the Core, which is why this is done alternatively another context would have to be introduced for local data, but then still all the client code would have to be updated to make use of it

.XAML files

In Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a windows app framework used by Supremacy, XAML forms a user interface markup language to define UI elements, data binding, events, and other features.

Info resources:



see here or



  • January 2016 [Planned]: Hope to get Major Race specific UI build through use of generic XAML files.
  • ClientApp.xaml.cs has the code to direct UI to race specific folders of xaml files in SupremacyClient/themes/{0}

Looking at SystemScreen.xaml, Global.xaml and ClientModules.cs in Themes/SupremacyClient See also generic.xaml in SupremacyClientComponents/Themes/InfoCard Theme.xaml Default.xaml Icons.xaml ClientApp.xaml.cs SystemScreen.xaml

1/17/16: Found that Mikes code in ClientApp.xaml.cs will already select for Major race. Need new folders for each major race in SupremacyClient/themes/(major race), edit paths to Resources in the .xaml files found in each races set of .xaml files. File names in SupremacyClient/themes/(major race) are not unique but content in Resources is. Now you can edit files in Resources for unique UI.


Points="300,200 400,125 400,275 300,200"
<SolidColorBrush Color="Blue" Opacity="0.4"/>

Makes a left pointing triangle, purple outline and blue body


  • Animation.cs (animation of opening screen): This is where we can set the number of images, frames, and the rate they play at, currently all images in 30 seconds. We may want that to run faster. The images you will make for the ship de-cloaking will be located in Resources / Images / Animation.
  • \supremacyclient\ClientModule.cs:
    • Found a place to add the right mouse click instructions for the Panel Access Menu. A thing called the statusWindow held the text "loading" while you wait for a game to load. Added the information there for new players
  • FMOD is partly replace by AudioEngine.cs and others - just find it out


some code

for Theme and UI see >> Theme


  • Mainline\SupremacyClient\GameContextMenu.cs
  • \Mainline\SupremacyUI\SystemProductionPanel.cs
  • \Mainline\SupremacyCore\Orbitals\FleetOrders.cs -> all items inside a sector
  • Mainline\SupremacyClient\GameContextMenu.cs (Access Popup Menu - or use F1 to F5)
  • \Mainline\SupremacyClientComponents\Controls\InfoCard\InfoCard.cs (-> Tooltips ??)
    • \Mainline\SupremacyClient\themes\Federation\InfoCard.xaml -> <Setter Property="Width" Value="500" /> (BEFORE: 250)

  • \Mainline\SupremacyClient\Views\ColonyScreen\ColonyPlanetaryBuildQueueView.xaml - Colonies Screen Content
  • \Mainline\SupremacyCore\Universe\Colony.cs
  • \Mainline\SupremacyClient\Views\ColonyScreen\ColonyStructureListView.xaml
    • Size of this area: 720 x 240

  • \Mainline\SupremacyClient\Views\GalaxyScreen\TaskForceListView.xaml

Version Number

Look for version number control in AssemblyInfo.cs

your hard disk code folder BotF2\SupremacyClient\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs

--- example code: (put in your current star date)

  • [assembly: AssemblyVersion("2018.11.20.0")]
  • [assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("2018.11.20.0")]


  • \Fleets.cs
  • \FleetOrder.cs (without a "s" - beware of it)
  • \FleetOrders.cs
  • \mainline\supremacyclientcomponents\views\galaxyscreen\galaxyscreenpresenter.cs TaskForcesList

Building Ships

  • Cancelling -> Breakpoint at Line 185 at OnShipyardBuildProjectsChanged() \Mainline\SupremacyClientComponents\Views\ColonyScreen\ColonyScreenPresentationModel.cs


  • \Mainline\SupremacyClient\AudioEngine.cs (for Music), for Sounds >> SoundPlayerAction is used (search for \Resources\UI\Federation\SoundsButtonClick.wav)
  • and in \Mainline\SupremacyClientComponents\Views\SystemAssaultScreen\SystemAssaultScreenViewModel.cs -> Uri is used (e.g. CombatLaser.wav)

Galaxy Generator

  • \Mainline\SupremacyCore\Universe\GalaxyGenerator.cs


  • CivID: 0 = Federation...


       WaitOnPlayers = 0,

older list

where Folder File Function Date Description Custom1 Custom2

S-Core Game GameContext.cs

initialising game

S-Core Game GameEngine.cs DoProduction(GameContext game)

Raw Materials, Deuterium, Dilithium is collected cross over all colonies and used by all colonies

S-Core Game GameEngine.cs DoShipProduction(GameContext game)
S-Core Combat InvasionArena.cs


S-Core Orbital Shipyard.cs GetBuildOutput(int slot) 2014-01-15

just selects output (active?) and bonus (BonusType.PercentShipBuilding), since 2014-01-15 also case PopulationRatio or IndustryRatio

S-Core Universe Colony.cs GetProductionOutput(ProductionCategory category)

see last line, too !

  • Food: minimum 10
  • Research:
                       float moraleMod = _morale.CurrentValue / (0.5f * MoraleHelper.MaxValue);
                       baseOutput = (int)(moraleMod * baseOutput);
  • Industry: minimum 10 !
                       float moraleMod = _morale.CurrentValue / (0.5f * MoraleHelper.MaxValue);
                       baseOutput = (int)(moraleMod * baseOutput);
  • last line: return ((int)(baseOutput + (baseOutput * modifier.Efficiency)) + modifier.Bonus);
S-Core Universe Colony.cs planet.HasFoodBonus (OutputModifier)
                       if (planet.HasFoodBonus)
                       modifier.Efficiency += 0.15f;
S-Core Universe Colony.cs planet.HasEnergyBonus (OutputModifier)
                   if (planet.HasEnergyBonus)
                       modifier.Efficiency += 0.15f;
S-ClientComp Views\GalaxyScreen GalaxyScreenView.cs GalaxyScreenView() GalaxyView Hotkeys Definition (see Hotkeys)



  • Tools: 3rd point: OPTIONS
  • SSH Client Configuration:
    • SSH Key: c:\....\ReginaldPutty.ppk
    • SSH Client: (IMPORTANT) PuTTY/Link (not SSH !!)
    • automatically start: yes

Visual Studio

It's possible (and standard) to compile the game with Visual Studio. No further stuff of programs is needed, except matching Resources folder. Mention that the compiled exe is then in \Mainline\bin\Debug (or \Release).


  • see hints for VS 2017 especially >> Set as Start Project > SupremacyClient (View SolutionExplorer > SupremacyClient > right mouse click the middle)


In May 2017 we're trying to change to VS 2017 Community version

  • you might want to change language at TOOLS > OPTIONS > ENVIROMENT > INTERNATIONAL SETTINGS
  • first make a clean !!, maybe for each single project (10 of 10)
  • SOLUTION EXPLORER - right mouse click - retarget (in the middle) - select newest versions
  • (this should be only needed once and should be uploaded to Repository by one guy) SupremacyClient > Set as start Project
  • after cleaning maybe use REBUILD

for more see >> here


since April 2016 we're using VS 2015

  • Visual Studio Community 2015 RC - to compile the code (ISO is recommend) ... still need to check if Supremacy code compiles with it, so instead we might need VS2013. NEW: we try to go to VS 2015 now. - you need the "Community" Version, currently (Apr 2016) version "Update 2"

VS 2015 Update 3

  • says it does uninstall Update 2
  • needs update to 33 GB to install (only if every is selected) - seems to need some hours...

old VS

this is out of date due to code has changed

Visual C++ Library

IMPORTANT: As Microsoft no longer provides Visual C++ Library as standard installed component ...don't forget to select or install this manually! In VS you can recognize it if \Supremacy Native is unload (sign is greyed out a little bit)


SupremacyNative is C++ coded. Sometimes there are some problems with it


  • PowerShell Tools für VS 2015


  • TOOLS > OPTIONS > ENVIRONMENT > Color theme -> Black
  • TOOLS > OPTIONS > ENVIRONMENT > DOCUMENTS > Detect when file is changed outside... -> Yes
    • TOOLS > OPTIONS > ENVIRONMENT > DOCUMENTS > Reload modified files... -> Yes
  • TOOLS > OPTIONS > TEXT EDITOR > ALL LANGUAGES > Line Number (activate for all)
  • DEBUG > SUPREMACY CLIENT PROPERTIES (last) > DEBUG > Start project > Command line arguments: "-aiexplore -SAVEDGAME:auto" (if you save in Supremacy manually a game with name "auto" (independent from game's "(autosave)", this manually saved game can be loaded at startup.
    • "-aiexplore" isn't necessary. For more see Command line parameter
    • if working for example on Cardassian UI just save Cardassian as "auto".
    • when you want to change to Klingons, just retire and start Klingons. If you want to work steady on Klingons, save a Klingon's game with auto.
    • if you want to start a new game steady, just go Command line arguments (see above) and change the filename to an unused one like "-SAVEDGAME:auto123"
  • activate Toolbar BUILD by right mouse click on Toolbar line
  • Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> Output Window -> Module Load Messages -> Off


we're using some different editors


  • reg likes Greenshot
    • puts an icon into task bar. There: > PREFERENCES
      • PREFERENCES > GENERAL: reg uses for "Capture region" CRTL+PRNT (and no other hotkey)
      • PREFERENCES > OUTPUT: define a folder at "Storage location" and a standard file type (default is *.png)
      • PREFERENCES > DESTINATION: (reg's settings)
        • - turn off "Select destination dymnamically"
        • - open in image editor
        • - copy to clipboard
    • Usage:
      • press Hotkey and make Screenshot
      • paste immediately anywhere OR
      • work on it inside Greenshot (give red circles or mark up in any colour), give numbers, obfuscate and more
      • save or save as jpg or print


if you have an error with "Glyphs.xaml", than make sure you have copied \Resources MANUALLY into the output folders - this was changed in 2015. The output folder depends on compiling method "Debug" or "Release", it is

  • for DEBUG _: (YourRepositoryFolder)\Mainline\bin\Debug\Resources or
  • for RELEASE: (YourRepositoryFolder)\Mainline\bin\Release\Resources

it's creating:

  • 1> Supremacy.Scripting -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\Supremacy.Scripting.dll
  • 2> SupremacyCore -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\SupremacyCore.dll
  • 3> Supremacy.Xna -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\Supremacy.Xna.dll
  • 4> SupremacyClientComponents -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\SupremacyClientComponents.dll
  • 5> SupremacyWPF -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\SupremacyWPF.dll
  • 6> SupremacyService -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\SupremacyService.dll
  • 7> SupremacyUI -> %path_repo%\bin\Debug\lib\SupremacyUI.dll

Visual C#

build in Visual Studio


SunBurn is on hold for now. Kenneth was working sometimes with SunBurn...this might be a site for this


you should use latest .Net-version (2014: version 4.5.1)


"Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found."

  • suggestion by reg: go to \Resources\Models and rename the "Models"-folder to "Models-SetOffline" or something else (if building a ship no model is shown -as it is to most of the ships- but otherwise the game could work fine)

This suggests the problem is with your XNA installation. The game uses XNA to display the 3D ship models in the shipyard. There's no way to disable the models so XNA wouldn't be needed. So to be able to play the game, i'd advise to uninstall XNA, then install the latest version.

XNA 3.1 (this one you need in any case):

XNA 4.0 Download link:


(for boolean)
                       return true;
                   catch (Exception e)
                   var errors = new System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentStack<Exception>();
                   return false;


  • AppContext (programm running)
  • GameContext.Current (Game started - so after StartScreen)
  • PlayerContext.Current



  • XAML example: Text="{s:StringResource EMPIRES_HEADER}"
  • string _text = String.Format(ResourceManager.GetString("KEY_IN-EN_TXT"),parameter1, parameter2;


  • AppContext.LocalPlayer (just inside XAML-code files ??)
  • _appContext.LocalPlayer.Empire


just the data out of Civilization.xml ... for more see #CivilizationManager


CivilizationManager holds all the data like amount of credits, diplomacy, sitreps and more

  • GameContext.Current.CivilizationManagers[LocalPlayer.EmpireID]



if not available, try "Quick actions" -> using Supremacy.Utility;

GameLog.Core.GameData.DebugFormat("Turn {0};xx=;{1};xx=;{2};xx={3};xx={4};xx={5};xx={6};xx={7};xx={8};xx={9};"
      , GameContext.Current.TurnNumber
      , xx
      , xx


private static Dictionary<string, bool> _acceptRejectDictionary = new Dictionary<string, bool> { { "98", false } };

MessageBox (Windows Style)

MessageBox.Show("Borg turned into Expanded", "WARNING", MessageBoxButton.OK);

MessageDialog (Supremacy Style)

var result = MessageDialog.Show("Borg turned into Expanded", MessageDialogButtons.YesNo);


  • _soundPlayer.PlayFile("Resources/SoundFX/ChatMessage.wav");