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The Acamarians are a space faring race with an extremely violent past by comparison to most interstellar species; this is because politically, Acamar utilises an archaic clan structure. Efforts to move beyond the brutal feuding of the past have resulted in the formation of a central government headed by a Sovereign. Physically, they are humanoid in appearance possessing vertical cranial ridges as well as a rather unique iron-copper blood composite. With the military infrastructure that they have, they are more than capable of defending their homeworld.



Ship Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2
Acamarian Colony Ship


Acamarian Raider I

Lornak class

Lornak class


Phaser Emitters Photon Charges
Acamarian Raider II

Tralesta class

Tralesta class


Phaser Banks Photon Charges


Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2
Clan Hall

The Acamarians are divided into clans. Some of these clans no longer live on the homeworld, but on starships. The Clan Hall will give the clans a place to meet, and allow the starship-based clans to be a part of their homeworld's future.

Marauders Guild

The Gatherers are a nomadic group of marauders and opportunists that still roam the surrounding sectors. They are considered nothing more than separatists and outlaws in today's more progressive Acamarian society. But the government cannot afford to condemn the activities of these exiles, or deny a weak treasury the boost of ill-got gains. However, it is a tricky business to run an unofficially sponsored criminal organization, and to silently trickle these funds and resources into a clean economy.

Advanced Bionics Institute

The military's Advanced Bionics Institute is a peaceful, latter day incarnation of a once more sinister program. During the years of clan warfare operatives were genetically altered for a variety of purposes, from the unnatural extension of life to enhanced strength and ability, and even the transmitting of deadly engineered viruses by mere touch. Much of the more dangerous research was destroyed, but that which could be put to good and peaceful use has been preserved.




System Name: Theta Eridani

System Type: (Binary) Theta Eridani A (bright, white giant)] is the primary, Theta Eridani B (very bright, white dwarf)

Moons: Yes (Mycena)

Planet of Origin: Acamar (Theta Eridani III)

Associeted Bodies: (5) Planets (Klon, Bokiter, Acamar, Vedis, Shov)

Government: Oligarchy [clan leaders]

Capital: Marduk

Colonization Level: Very Low

Culture: Clan-based society with a long tradition of feuds and wars. Currently, clans mostly dispute each other in the political arena; inter-clan violence is rare, though not completely absent or forgotten.

Tech: Acamar is particularly advanced in biosciences.*

Resources: Extensive ores and minerals.

Goods: Acamarian Brandy (beverage) and Parthas (spice)


- Three year war with Orions around 2220.

- Clan Wars until 2236 (With the Orions gone the clans once again turned on each other in what is called the “Clan Wars,” in which one quarter of the planet’s population was killed,war was led by Lornak and Tralesta clan)

- The Gatherers were nomadic marauders and natives of the planet Acamar. Like most Acamarians the history of the Gatherers is deeply connected to the history of clan rivalry on that planet.

  • Personnel: Chorgan the Gatheerer, Acamarian Capitain (2366)

(Expirienced commander from Acamarian Clan Wars, notable pirate career)

People: Brull, Mallon, Marouk, Penthor-Mul, Temarek, Volnoth, Yuta

Game Structures:

  • Acamarian Clan Hall (+25% Income on Trade Routes, +2 System morale)
  • Acamarian Bioscience Guild* (biotech bonus)