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The Bynars are a race of small, pale humanoids from the Beta Magellan system. They are a highly developed civi-lization, and the very crux of their society surrounds their planetary computer network, to which each individual 'pairing' of Bynars are connected. A typical Bynar pair are telepathically and electronically linked for rapid data swap and interchange, and work and operate together as if one unit. Bynars speak in very quick successions of binary code through the use of neural implants. Diplomatically the Bynars may be less than forthcoming, for each deliberation or decision requires considerable consultation and data processing.



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The Bynars are virtually dependent on their technology, and therefore constantly search for ways to improve it. The Bynar Planetary Computer allows individual improvements to become widespread innovations, turning this inherent need into computer research.



The Bynars have developed a sophisticated and revolutionary research system based on existing subspace simu-lators. Using quadritronic computer models in an advanced hyper-reality construct scientists can now analyze and manipulate high-energy experiments to a new standard of excellence and accuracy.