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(not CANON, follow link)

The Drai maintain an advanced civilization, and a large and sophisticated military. Although warrior-like on the sur-face, they are not closed to diplomacy or the ideas and opinions of other races. However, a point of contention for most civilized peoples would be their domination over a slave-class, known as the Tosk. The Tosk are pur-posely bred for the 'Hunt', in which the Drai revel - it is an almost ceremonial rite that embodies the very core of Drai culture. Ethical questions aside, they are proud-spirited, and possess advanced weapons and technology. They are not to be underestimated, nor their beliefs disrespected.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

Drai troops are trained all their lives to excel when the great hunting expeditions begin. There is no tactical scenar-io they do not know, or cannot outwit. Their training will be invaluable for starship crews.



Tosk are bred from birth for the glorious hunt. They are nurtured and well cared for, and even though one day are destined for death, it is a glory in which they aspire to, and the people revere. Should the unthinkable occur, they stand ready for another destiny: to defend Drailon with all their endurance and guile.