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The Halkans enjoy a peaceful, agrarian life, in a virtually utopian society. They are the complete pacifist regime, and will bring no fight to defend themselves, or even their way of life. Their lack of even basic defences leaves them open to attack and exploitation, especially in regards to their planet's abundance of dilithium deposits, which is the richest ever discovered. But the Halkans will not be easy to sway; they have no interest at all in any alien race, whether friendly or adversarial.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

The Halkan homeworld contains many layers of rich dilithium deposits. The Dilithium Cracking Station employs a large team of mining experts and the latest machinery to safely extract the material and refine it, ready for use. Beyond the process of extracting and treating the dilithium ore, this research station also attempts to evaluate and quantify the true, awe-inspiring ramifications of this vast reserve. But its installation will incur the protest of the natives...