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Race Image Insignia Description Type Planet

in the game, maybe should be removed or special usage for resources (duranium)

The Horta are a lifeform based on silicon, and thus far their physiology has baffled scientists. The Horta excrete an ultra-corrosive chemical that easily burns through stone, which allows them to burrow through the hard crust of the planet. Once every 50,000 years, all but one Horta die out, leaving a large number of eggs guarded by the last remaining Horta - this defines the purpose of their existence, and society, if it can be called society. This does make them exceedingly vulnerable during hatching times, however rare the event may be. Ultimately, the Horta will not contribute a great deal to other carbon-based humanoids in terms of affiliation and cultural interchange, but with their permission, mining works on their world can offer us much. The Horta are normally peaceful, but they will not hesitate to defend themselves - lethally, if necessary.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2