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The J'naii are a technologically advanced humanoid species. They are biologically, as well as ideologically an-drogynous, and it embodies their entire culture and society. Authorities take a dim view of any that step outside the acceptable, customary modes of living - such as fastening themselves sexually or emotionally to any being that is identified by gender. In such a scenario this individual can often face severe penalties, including a full psy-chotectic restructuring. Despite their code of ascetics, and strict moral stance, the J'naii are a socially and diplo-matically adept people, and welcome contact with outsiders, as long as it falls within the bounds of their customs.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

As well as acting as a social deterrent for order amongst their own people, the J'naii psychotectic technology has multiple applications, including cellular peptide reintegration, and other harmless forms of corrective therapy. It is a form of rehabilitation, which can often be more effective and humane than incarceration.