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Kes and Prytt are the two separate nation states of the planet Kesprytt III. The Kes maintain a three-quarter majori-ty of the planet's territory, resources and population, while the xenophobic Prytt are left largely to their own devic-es as isolationists. Both parties are extremely paranoid, and suspicion and mistrust of each other is rife. The two sides both employ intense, widespread security networks, particularly the Prytt who would go to any length to ensure their internal security and national identity had not been compromised by the Kes. The Kes application for membership would be immediate, but as the planet has not met certain cultural guidelines and criteria necessary for a successful application, most notably the lack of a unified world government, a suspension in processing the application is recommended for the time being, for fear such steps would invoke a civil war with the Prytt.



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The two great nation states of Kesprytt devised many advanced innovations during their recent Cold War, as each sought constantly to gain the upper hand. These technologies remain, and the Early Warning Scanner can now be upgraded and turned to space to survey the surrounding systems as an early warning scanner.



The first stage in securing membership is the Forum Assembly, which aims to at last bring full alliance and coop-eration between the Kes and the Prytt.