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Race Image Insignia Description Type Planet

The Norcadian homeworld is a natural marvel to behold, and it is a common haunt for botanists and naturalists. The natives are generally friendly and cultured. Norcadia boasts some fine museums and works of art, but by far their greatest claim to renown, or notoriety, is their invention of the brutal sport of Tsunkatse, which is the plane-tary pass time of the people, whether they chose to gamble on the events, or merely spectate.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

The Replicator Grid combines transporter technology and industrial replicators to facilitate rapid delivery and as-sembly of goods in multiple locations spanning the globe. It is a fast, efficient and cost effective method of mass production.



The martial art of Tsunkatse is a phenomenally lucrative interplanetary and interstellar commodity, drawing in busi-ness, trade, and competitors alike. It is the very platform of the Norcadian global economy, and draws crowds from across the quadrant.