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The members of this race have an exceptionally short life span, rarely exceeding ten Earth years. Ocampa young are born at an advanced stage of development from gestation sacks that form on an Ocampa female during the elogium. What now remains of the highly telepathic Ocampa race shelter in large subterranean structures, con-structed, and regularly provisioned, by the 'Caretaker', a powerful extra-galactic entity whose people were believed to have inadvertently caused serious ecological damage to the planet's surface centuries earlier. The Caretaker remained to look after the broken Ocampa civilization.



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The Ocampa have subsisted in arid and unfriendly conditions for centuries, and developed a skill in hydroponics development, deep underground.



The subterranean tunnel networks of the Ocampa stretch for many miles underground, which have uncovered many rich mineral deposits. This tunnel system also shields the Ocampa from detection, and protects them from any surface invasion force.