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The Quarren are a technologically advanced race that prides itself on its industrial might, and the superior produc-tion of goods for a wide variety of clientele. The Quarren economy relies heavily on its trade contracts, and will go to any length to ensure that manpower shortages do not impact productivity in an ever-changing economic cli-mate. So much so that they have been known to resort to abduction and indirect forced-labour to meet demands. But such personnel are unaware of the slavery forced upon them; they do not even remember their formers lives. All memories prior to falling in with the Quarren are erased.



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The Ministry of Health is the official government department that oversees all Quarren health matters. Its particular branch of expertise is neuro-science, yet it contains many distinguished physicians adept in all branches of medi-cine.



The Recruitment Compound on Quarra employs an efficient production line to process new employees. Sophisti-cated laboratories are also on-site to administer memory extraction treatments.