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Race Image Insignia Description Type Planet

The Rakosans employ a series of deep space scanners and surveillance devices to protect their planet. It has thus far proven its value as a measure of prudence - particularly in granting the Rakosans an early warning capability to detect invaders, raiders, or any other nearby spacecraft. Their world suffers from overpopulation, so the first step in assisting their people would be the expansion and continued development of their homesystem.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

The ever-attentive and ever-watchful Rakosan authorities are ready to expend any resource necessary in protecting their world. These operatives of the Bureau are skilled, resourceful, and highly experienced.



Sensor arrays have been scattered throughout the Rakosan system, and further relays lie on the outer rim. They are paramount to securing their world, for they will grant authorities early warning of any wayfarer within or near their system.