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The Sikarians are not merely advanced in many areas of technology; they are philosophically and ideologically sophisticated also, and they are eager to pass on their knowledge to others - indeed their hospitality is legendary. But it comes at a price, small though it is. Their primary academic pursuit and preoccupation is literature, particu-larly the sagas and fables of other races. To them this is an important part of the development of their culture: to absorb the tales of thoughts and deeds of others, for it grants them new insight into their own social and cultural heritage.



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The Sikarians possess a remarkable technology called a Spatial Trajector, a device that allows them to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy in the blink of an eye. But they are adamant in withholding the specific technical se-crets of the device - it is their planetary treasure. They are however willing to permit research into the unique and sophisticated energy source that powers it.



The vaults of the Knowledge Library are vast and deep, even though the data within is stored electronically. Tales of races from across the galaxy are hoarded here; deeds and achievements, legends and cultural beliefs, and a vast store of knowledge and technical data.