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or Skrreeans

The Skrreea have suffered at the hands of invaders more than once, and more than once they have appealed for aid, or have fled and resettled. Their current choice of homeworld may not be their last, for danger always lurks near. They are beginning to advance, and at last rely on their self-sufficiency and their own strengths. But deep within their psyche lurks their long sought ideal which will never die: Kentanna, the ancestral homeworld of legend.



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The current world of the Skrreea may not be all the people desire, but beneath the surface is a rich layer of mineral deposits, ripe for extraction.



The Holy Sanctuary is a sacred place for the Skrreea to reflect and study, and purge their hearts of their difficult plight. Also they can turn their minds here to the myth of Kentanna, and a future hope that might one day deliver them.