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Tilonus IV has many factions vying for power, one against the other, but all share the same objective and di-rective: manipulation of the masses, and even foreign powers. In their pursuit of power and influence the Tilonians have achieved much in the nefarious underground science of neurological manipulation and memory extraction. It is with this advanced technology that their operatives work, and thus far their insidious work has been exposed in high circles even in the larger and more powerful races and empires, but it is feared many more are operating as yet undetected.



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The Tilonians have the skill of blending in. Once a target has been captured, they are mercilessly subjected to invasive mind scans with neural implants, which warps the victims perception of reality - for reality and dream, fabricated by the Tilonians, become one. It is an effective means of gathering intelligence, yet wholly unethical.