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The Ventaxians believe that a new dark age is coming. With daily regularity, their scholars and philosophers attrib-ute some new occurrence or sign as the harbinger of doom, and another dark age. It was approximately one mil-lennium before, when Ventax suffered from terrible wars and environmental destruction, that they were finally saved by the now mythical figure of Ardra. It was agreed by contract that for one thousand years peace would reign on the planet, but by the calculations of the scribes, that time is almost up, and doom is now near. Ever on the edge of mysticism and fear, the Ventaxians will be a difficult diplomatic prospect. We can offer them protec-tion, but they must be permitted to govern and solve these deep social affairs themselves.



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The gathered lore in the Library Vaults on Ventax are surprisingly concise - and extensive. From their limited con-tact with other races, the Ventaxians have quietly stored and archived a hoard of knowledge and information, which when added to our own will provide a huge boost to general research.