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The Vissians are a technologically advanced, space-faring race. They are unusual in that their species consists of three genders. The third, neutral gender, is called the 'cogenitor'. During procreation, the cogenitors provide a vital enzyme necessary for a successful conception. They do not enjoy the same social status as the males and fe-males though, and they only make up three percent of the native population. As a result their services are in high demand. The Vissians are often regarded to be a somewhat boastful race, specifically of their technological achievements.



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The Cogenitor Foundation strives to achieve social equality for this forgotten sub-class of Vissian culture, and provide equal services. But it may prove to be an unpopular organization to the large majority of Vissia's culturally institutionalised society. Secondly, Cogenitors are invited to voluntarily participate in a special research program into their unique genetic physiology. It is hoped it will grant scientists new insight into a variety of biological stud-ies.



The advanced and highly intelligent Vissians pride themselves in their technological prowess and grasp of sci-ence. Construction and propulsion techniques seem to be of particular interest to them, so this scientific survey would help them show off their technological marvels to the galaxy.