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The Vorgons are an elusive race of unknown agenda and history. They seem particularly interested in advanced technologies, and often deal in this line of trade on the black market. The authorities however may have a hard time tracking down their profiteering activities, for they possess sophisticated, almost magical technology - they can beam great distances, and their ships are difficult even to detect, and it is rumoured they have even attempt-ed to exploit the profit-margins of varying markets at different points in the time-line by dabbling with temporal science. But if we can persuade them to join a larger community, we may benefit from some of their more reputa-ble trade links, though they will not share their scientific knowledge.



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Vorgon market interests may not deal exclusively with underhanded clientele, nor all with stolen or illicit goods. But through the Vorgons, and with their associates and contacts, it may be possible to broker more lucrative - and legal - deals.