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The Vori are a fierce and resilient race, who have for a long time fought a war with the Kradin, yet it is not alto-gether clear why it started, or who were the original aggressors. Each side characterizes the other as inhuman beasts in an attempt to manipulate their people to support the war and fight for the cause. It was the Vori who have in the past been responsible for deviously recruiting off-worlders to fight for the cause. They used psycho-tropic techniques and holographic generators to portray simulated war scenarios on unsuspecting victims, just to drum up support for their plight. But the original grievance and the true account of the war-history is lost, for each equally accuses the other as the aggressor, and of the same atrocities, and a drive for the ultimate subjugation of the other.



Building Image Tech Description Custom1 Custom2

The Vori mind alteration techniques would be a useful tool to aid intelligence efforts. Used effectively, and as ethically as possible, suspected spies could be identified and captured more easily and swiftly, as well as gather-ing general intelligence in the process.