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The Xyrillians are an advanced race of reptilians. Their complex physiology is geared towards a water redundant environment, which is seldom seen in sentient races; neither does their metabolism rely on oxygen or other com-mon atmospheric gases. Indeed, their atmosphere would be hallucinogenic to most visiting species, and poison-ous to others. Their mating practises are uncommon also, for it is the male of the species that carries and delivers their young. They are a herbivorous people, whose advanced hydroponics permit them to cultivate their primary foodstuff into the very walls and bulkheads of their ships. The Xyrillians overall are a friendly people, and open to conversation and cultural exchange.



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The Xyrillians possess advanced holographic technologies alike to a holodeck, which allows them to sample and experience vivid recreations of other locations, yet confined within a small room. Advanced holographic genera-tors create the facsimile with resequenced photons, and the effect is indistinguishable from reality.



The Xyrillians are experts in organic science. These plantations of nutrient-rich chlorophyll provide all their food requirements, and their natural photosynthetic properties recycle the precise measure of specific atmospheric gases that the Xyrillians need to survive, boosting the growth rate of the Xyrillian people.