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[quote="vjeko1701"]Should the Federation have only human agents then? I mean it's a bit funny having other races as agents before you even discover them and specially of they aren't on the map.[/quote]

[quote="mstrobel"]eh, it's like that in most 4X games that have 'heros' or 'leaders' (MoO2, Endless Space, etc.). It's actually not [i]that[/i] strange if you think about it. People will presumably migrate around the galaxy much like they move between countries and continents here on Earth. It's entirely possible for one member of a species to end up living and working among foreigners before contact has been made between the two respective governments. Odo worked for the Cardassians, Bajorans, and Federation before any of them came to know about the Dominion.[/quote]

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In Agents.xml just add NaturalSkills="0,1" if PersonnelConstants.xaml allows 2 skills each agent at NaturalSkillsPerAgent="2". Too many skills will be erased, to less skills will be added randomly by the coding.


public enum AgentSkill : byte
       Leadership = 0,
       Charisma = 1,
       Deception = 2,
       Stealth = 3,
       Combat = 4,
       Empathy = 5
                           Spy     Dip    Off
                           ===     ===    ===
       Leadership           -       S      P
       Charisma             -       P      S
       Deception            P       S      -
       Stealth              P       -      S
       Combat               S       -      P
       Empathy              S       P      -


  • {x:Type AgentCareer}
  • {x:Type AgentSkill}
  • {x:Type AgentStatus}

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