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Shipyards are for ...

ship building queue

Q: There is no ship building queue, which increases micromanagement.

A: There will be a shipbuilding queue at some point, we need to figure out how to implement it. Since there will be multiple docks in shipyards, we need to come up with a way to take that into consideration. Most likely we'll have a single queue, and each dock will "drink" from it whenever it becomes idle.


see also: Shipyards.xlsx. But newest development (Jan 2014) is BuildSlotOutputType (see here).

Race Techs Costs Energy BuildSlots BuildSlotsEnergy Output

Majors+Minors - SHIPYARD_I 1 500 25 1 25 (DOM: 35) 400 (DOM: 500)
Majors+Minors - SHIPYARD_II 4 2000 50 2 35 (DOM: 45) 800 (DOM: 1000)
Majors+Minors - SHIPYARD_III 7 5000 75 3 50 (DOM: 70) 1500 (DOM: 2000)
Majors+AXANAR,CORIDAN,TELLARITE - FLEETYARDS 10 8000 100 4 75 (DOM+Tell: 100) 2000 (DOM+Tell: 2500)

Sort of build list: see


newest development (Jan 2014) is BuildSlotOutputType. Thereby it's possible to use

  • PopulationRatio or
  • IndustryRatio or
  • Standard

Usage: <BuildSlotOutputType>PopulationRatio</BuildSlotOutputType>


So we reuse the BuildSlotOutput tag but the value specified should be considered as being between 0 and 100 (it's a ratio, thus 25 would mean 25% of pop).


Shipyard Upgrade

Major Shipyards

Federation Romulans Klingons Cardassians Dominion
fed_shipyard_i.png rom_shipyard_i.png kling_shipyard_i.png card_shipyard_i.png dom_shipyard_i.png
fed_shipyard_ii.png rom_shipyard_ii.png kling_shipyard_ii.png card_shipyard_ii.png dom_shipyard_ii.png
fed_shipyard_iii.png rom_shipyard_iii.png kling_shipyard_iii.png card_shipyard_iii.png dom_shipyard_iii.png

Major Fleetyards

Federation Romulans Klingons Cardassians Dominion
fed_fleetyard.png rom_fleetyard.png kling_fleetyard.png card_fleetyard.png dom_fleetyard.png

old images

Federation Romulans Klingons Cardassians Dominion

Minor Shipyards

minor_shipyard_i.png minor_shipyard_ii.png minor_shipyard_iii.png

Minor Axanar Minor Tellarite Minor Coridan Minor Kazon

axanar_shipyard.png tellarite_shipyard_i.png no shipyard anymore no shipyard anymore

old images:

axanar_shipyard_old.png tellarite_shipyard_i_old.png coridan_shipyard_old.png kazon_shipyard_old.png