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this race is not in the game -> have a look to >> Borg as an empire



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May 19, 2014 22:58:06 GMT 2 vjeko1701 said: I had written a complete Borg proposal not so long ago...

In BOTF THE Borg were implemented as a minor event. One of their cubes were spawned at random and they started attacking the strongest major race. I think that the system was selected at random. They started killing or "assimilating" the population of that system. Once everyone was assimilated the graphics of the planets in that system were replaced with assimilated planet graphics and another cube was spawned there. Once the empire was destroyed they moved on to the next one.

My proposal is that we do it differently. We can implement the Borg as an unplayable Major empire or what I like to call "Minor empire" They would start in a random part of the Delta quadrant in a planetary system called Unimatrix 0. We will put thei attitude towards everyone as hostile (or the value 0) and disable their diplomacy. All messages from you would be ignored and upon first contact with them you would get an automatic war declaration with the message "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." They wouldn't have any colony ships and would expand only trough planetary assaults. We will give all their ships the ability to perform invasions (no need for troop transports)

Their tech tree would be very rudimentary, no intel structures.

Production facilities:

Food: "Planetary regeneration alcove network" type 1-10 Research: "Planetary cortical processing unit network" type 1-10 (The cortical processing subunit is a device that downloads newly assimilated data into the cortical implants of individual drones.) Energy: "Planetary fusion reactor network" type 1-10 Industry: "Nanoprobe heavy construcion matrix" type 1-10 (A places where nanoprobes construct various parts)

Structures: Borg ship assembly station (shipyard) 1-4 Particle 010 research unimatrix (Omega particle, they were crazy about that, it would bonus to general or energy research) Transwarp research unimatrix (Propulsion research bonus) Nanoprobe research unimatrix (Construction and biotech bonus) Duranium extraction unimatrix (for their ships)

Their shiplist would consist of five ship types, four version for each type balanced to the ships of that era and perhaps retextured a bit. They ships don't need dilithium or deuterium, just duranium.

Scout: Probe Destroyer: Sphere Cruiser: Assimilator (From TNG: "Descent") Battleship: Cube Dreadnought: Tactical cube

When it comes to planet types, I propose that Borg drones are able to inhabit almost all planet types equally, or we could add a planetary type called assimilated, all the planets they assimilate are automatically converted to this planet type. Morale among Borg population would always me maximum, they are drones after all.

We wouldn't give them any space stations but instead transwarp hubs. They would be buildable only in empty nebulae(with the restriction one per quadrant) and each would opet one transwarp conduit in each quadrant at a random coordinate (transwarp conduits would us the same code as wormholes but different graphics and only Borg ships would be able use them.)

Tying into possible diplomacy, we could add an option of a anti-Borg allianced between major and minor empires or at least joined assaults of their hubs and planets. If other players eradicated all Borg ships and planets they would be considered defeated. We could also add a fail-safe of some sort and in a case when they control more than 50% of the galaxy, all the races that made contact with them would start aggresively attacking them and even perhaps discontinue all wars between each other.3

The rest of the discussion is here, along with some more refined ideas about them