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In the folder \Images\ScriptedEvents some pictures are located, and in \SoundFX\ScriptedEvents the sound files.



on new forum:

Build in since January 2017


  • Population shrinks down to 40


  • Population shrinks down to 75


  • Population minus 20 (.AdjustCurrent(-20);)


  • Population shrinks down to 40


  • Population shrinks down to 50

Supernova I

  • Population shrinks down to 30

Supernova I

  • Population shrinks down to 30



File Structure

  • <Category Name="ScriptedEvents">
      • <Value Language="en">Religious Holiday</Value>
    • </CivString>
      • <Value Language="en">Production was suspended on {0} due to a religious holiday.</Value>
    • </CivString>
      • <Value Language="en">The people of [xxx{0}[/] have declared a religious holiday! All production in the system was suspended while workers joined in the celebration.[nl/][nl/]Production will resume for the next turn.</Value>
    • </CivString>
  • </Category>

File Structure

  • <EventDefinition EventID="RELIGIOUS_HOLIDAY"
    • Description="Religious Holiday"
    • EventType="coreEvents:ReligiousHolidayEvent">
    • <EventDefinition.Options>
      • <x:Int32 x:Key="CivilizationRecurrencePeriod">75</x:Int32>
      • <x:Int32 x:Key="UnitRecurrencePeriod">150</x:Int32>
      • <x:Int32 x:Key="OccurrenceChance">100</x:Int32>
    • </EventDefinition.Options>
  • </EventDefinition>







see ScriptedEventCoding


as there are Scripted Events (just see the image files at your game folder for this), but another part might be Aliens. In the long term maybe there will be some aliens but at the moment there is no function at all.

Maybe helpful could be comparing with BotE - they already have aliens. (btw: Reginald = BotE "rainer", it's me :-)


Here are some alien from original BotF, taken from


In BotF this was the deadliest thing that can be happen. At the moment no Borg is built in in the game.

see »Borg

They assimilate systems, initially invading with small scout ships and moving up to Spheres, Cubes and Tactical Cubes. The only way to completely destroy them is to wipe out their systems. When the Borg appear, you will gain a new option in Diplomacy to set up an Anti-Borg Alliance with the other powers. The chances of this random event occurring increases the longer a game is played, and the higher your tech level is. The Borg will always attack the strongest players first - including the AI. Once the most powerful Empire is assimilated, the Borg will then move onto the second most powerful Empire, and so on. They will be a much bigger threat than in BOTF


Same as BOTF, it appears without warning in a random sector, you fight it. Ships that survive the battle get an experience bonus for fighting this unusual enemy. There is no warning message for this event

Chodak Drone

Same as BOTF, it appears without warning in a random sector, you fight it. There is no warning message for this event

Combat Drone

Crystalline Entity

Same as BOTF, you fight it. If it enters a system, it begins to wipe out the population until it or the colony is destroyed. If the colony is destroyed, the Crystalline Entity simply will move onto another system. However, if you kill it, you will suffer from a small Empire-wide morale drop. There is no warning message for this event

Cytoplasmic being/void

Acts like a gigantic Echo Papa 607, but you get a biotech research bonus by scanning it AND defeating it. Ships that survive the battle get an experience bonus for fighting this unusual enemy. There is no warning message for this event

Doomsday Machine

It destroys Planets, and attacks ships by ramming into them. You will have to battle it to destroy it. The Doomsday machine will have many thousands of hit points, but no shields. There is no message for this event

Echo Papa 607

Similar to BOTF, but can only be found in the Minosian system. You get a weapons tech research bonus by scanning it AND defeating it, and ships that survive the battle get a large experience bonus for fighting this unusual enemy. There is no warning message for this event

Edo Guardian

Founders Intrude

into Federations government –> Event ?

Giant Amoeba

You fight it. It attacks ships by "eating" them. If you manage to scan it AND defeat it, you will get a large Biotech bonus. If it enters a system, it begins to wipe out the population until it or the colony is destroyed. It will move onto another system and begin destroying it if it is left alone. There is no warning message for this event


One-time all-round research bonus if you can scan it AND survive the encounter. Ships will need POWERFUL shields to survive the initial attack. If you hail it and survive without attacking it, Gomtuu will cease to attack you and will instead attack your enemies until they manage to destroy it. There is no warning message for this event

Husnock Raider

Same as BOTF, it appears without warning in a random sector, you fight it. Ships that survive the battle get an experience bonus for fighting this unusual enemy. There is no warning message for this event

Jellyfish from TNG Ep. 1/2

(It does NOT attack your ships, it will instead attempt to escape as quickly as possible. If you manage to scan it before it escapes, you will get an energy and/or construction tech bonus. You will get no bonus for destroying it. There is no warning message for this event

Tarrelian Ship



They pour out of a fluidic gate and destroy everything within sight - including Planets themselves. You have to fight them to stop the invasion. Species 8472 will only appear once the Borg have invaded, although if/when they appear will otherwise be random


Lloyd James wrote: A loong time ago I wrote a list of suggested random events. I put Q in as one of them. Note they're only suggested. Whilst we have the religious event in the game, no other events have actually been rubber-stamped - yet.

Q (A ship is thrown to a random sector. The ship will have to attempt to make it back under its own fuel reserves, so making alliances with the locals will be essential. The chances of contact with the Borg [another random event] - irrelevant of where in the Galaxy the ship is sent - are greatly increased

  • Federation text
    • Space is full of strange, new, lifeforms. Our vessel in sector _____ has encountered an omnipotent lifeform known simply as "Q". The lifeform used his incredible powers to instantaneously send our vessel to the other side of the Galaxy, and then the entity simply disappeared. The vessel will get its wish; the crew will surely encounter strange, new, worlds on its journey home...God speed to them, wherever they may be.
  • Klingon text
    • Nargh! An alien entity known as "Q" intruded the IKC _____ and had the gall to insult the commander's house. The commander rightfully challenged the entity...but perhaps for once the commander was a fool to exercise his right to challenge those that insult his house, for contact was suddenly lost with the vessel. A deep space relay station recorded a brilliant, unexplained flash of energy in the area at the moment that contact was lost. No debris or survivors have been detected. The fleet is now on maximum alert for this dishonourable P'tach!
  • Romulan text
    • The introduction of a new being in the galaxy makes for a nice change in pace for the Star Empire. However, the entity known as “Q” is not to be considered nice by any definition. Q boarded a Romulan vessel by unknown means and without authorisation. The commander of the vessel however recognised the power and importance of this entity, and was extremely tolerant of the creature, when suddenly, a bright flash of light ended all communications with the vessel. No reports have come in of vessels randomly reappearing in odd locations, and no reports of the sudden appearance of a vessel have been detected by the Tal'Shiar. This Q will be tracked down, and it will be "encouraged" to bring the vessel back. This is a delicate situation, since Q is an omnipotent being by all definitions, and thus the Star Empire does not wish to challenge him. The Senate hopes that the vessel will soon be returned home safely, but more importantly that he will also make himself disappear.
  • Cardassian text
    • Cardassia must be protected from unknown dangers. One of these dangers is the omnipotent being known as “Q”. Q gained control of one of our vessels, which was promptly relocated via a large flash of light. It is unclear what exactly triggered this to occur, or even what the flash of light actually was. All that is known is that it did occur - and our ship is gone. Q is now sought throughout the Union, and our neighbours are being investigated, for they are the likely source of this being. The Union will not tolerate this kind of behaviour, as it does happen to weaken the navy...
  • Dominion text
    • One of the Gods appeared to us today! He claimed that he wasn’t one of the Founders, but his actions betray him, for only Gods have the kind of power that he demonstrated. “Q” transported our vessel to another part of the galaxy. We presume that this is a test of the ship’s abilities. If it fails to return home, it will mean that the vessel fell out of favour with the Founders, and that its' destruction was necessary. But if it returns, the crew will have spread the will of the Founders further than any vessel has achieved before.

more from Derek

not proofed yet, but should all be star trek canon :-)

  • The companion
  • The cosmic cloud
  • The exocomps
  • Thasians
  • The traveller

And maybe ancient races to add into the mix:

  • Medusans
  • Prophets
  • Providers
  • Voth (dino people in voy) -> but already a race see »Voth

Some more from which are not included at another point (so there might be missing a image of BotF2 (former Supremacy

Sphere Builders

The Sphere builders slowly make the space around them uninhabitable, causing the inhabitants in nearby systems to die. You need to reach a certain tech level before your ships can take out the Spheres in combat.



These two files I did NOT get to work fine and also there's still one single code of ReligiousHolidays which is used, nothing more

for more overview I added Scripted Event#Events – NOT ingame yet




Complete loss of production in a random system for one turn, +1 morale in system

FED: The Federation is receptive to the religious views of its citizens, and the workers of system {0} have downed their tools for a religious celebration. System output may have temporarily ceased, but our citizens are enjoying a day of feasting and celebration. It's good to be in the Federation!

Events – NOT ingame yet



50% loss in personnel gain for 5 turns, large decrease in morale Empire-wide

FED: A catastrophic collision of two training craft in Earth orbit yesterday has resulted in the death of 5 promising young cadets. As a result, Starfleet has suspended all Academy activity whilst it carries out an investigation.



25% increase in personnel gain for {0} turns

FED: A record number of enlistments have seen the Academy enjoy its most prolific semester yet. Our lecturers will be busy for the next few years...



Small increase in all areas of research, large increase in diplomatic ties with another random Empire

FED: A survey ship detected an experimental {0} craft adrift in space. The Empires government has been informed and they were grateful for the return of their craft. Relations with the {0} Empire have considerably improved. The surveyor also conducted discreet scans of the craft. The scans will help advance our future research efforts, and help in the development of new defences against their technologies.



Large increase in all areas of research

FED: An advanced starship was discovered in an asteroid field. The origins of the craft, how long it has been there, or even why it was lost in the middle of the dead asteroid field are unknown. We have handed over the vessel to our researchers, who say that the technology on board could lead to major breakthroughs in our research efforts.



Receive a small Biology research bonus

FED: A survey team crash-landed while charting a remote asteroid field. While exploring the surrounding cave structure, they discovered curious prehistoric fossils and DNA. The rescue ship also collected additional environmental data. The information will be of use to our Biology researchers.



The one from Enterprise that repairs ships in exchange for resources and officers

FED: Our ship in sector {0} has encountered an advanced, unmanned shipyard. Automatic computer-controlled systems reconfigured the shipyard so that it could accommodate our vessel, and in exchange for {0} resources and {0}crew, it will fully repair and maintain the vessel. Do you agree to this exchange? Yes/No



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race significantly worsen, all trade routes with the Empire/Minor race generate -10% income

FED: The leader of the {0} has made a speech saying we have exploited his people. Although these charges appear to be unfounded, some of the people have taken the message to heart, and several protests have occurred.



Large increase in system research production for 5 turns, small but permanent increase in system trade

FED: Ancient ruins of major archaeological significance have been discovered in system {0}. Among the ruins were artefacts of unknown origin. Our researchers are attempting to uncover their secrets, and news of the discovery is quickly attracting tourists from across the Federation.



receive a large Construction tech bonus

FED: Architects, construction specialists, and material engineers from across the Federation have congregated for the annual Architectural symposium. They have demonstrated their latest designs and materials, and several major new research ventures were initiated during the event. The results of the research will be exciting indeed.



The affected race loses control of a ship, it attacks nearby ships, stations, and worlds - irrelevant of who controls them - until you regain control of the ship or it is destroyed

FED: One of our vessels, the USS {0} has mysteriously gained an Artificial Intelligence. The Intelligence is in control of the vessel, and it has begun attacking several ships and stations in the area. It may take some time to regain control of the vessel, but we could gain much knowledge from the Intelligence if we could earn its trust.



Same as a Comet strike, but the devastation is somewhat reduced. Future Climate changes are more likely than with a Comet strike, but Volcanoes and Earthquakes are less likely. The Planet still becomes Barren, but can sustain a higher population than if a Comet had struck

FED: An Asteroid has struck a Planet in system {0}. Thousands are dead and many thousands more are in need of urgent treatment and supplies. Dust from the impact is affecting Communications and Transporter systems, and global temperatures are falling faster than our climate control systems can compensate for. The Planet will never recover from this event.

maybe: pop minus 50%, health minus 50%



A random planet becomes uninhabitable

FED: At 7.42am this morning, a previously undetected asteroid penetrated the atmosphere of planet {0}. The asteroid exploded harmlessly over an uninhabited region, and this normally wouldn't be a matter of concern. But the asteroid had an unusual chemical composition that initiated a cascading meltdown of the planetary Ozone layer. Vegetation across the planet is now withering and it is only a matter of time before solar radiation reaches lethal levels. The planet will be uninhabitable in a matter of days. We now need to find a home for the millions of refugees. Every available ship will be needed and a priority one Communiqué has been sent to every available captain.









A random ship is sent to the Ocampa system. Contact with the Ocampa is impossible until the Caretaker is destroyed, but the Ocampa will be defenceless and prone to attack if you do this. The Caretaker is a bit weaker than the Edo Guardian

FED: We have lost contact with the USS {0}. A massive shockwave was detected in the vessels' vicinity, moments before contact was lost. It is recommended a ship be dispatched to investigate, and a Hospital ship should be put on standby for possible casualties.






Contact impossible with a minor race for 50 turns

FED: An External Affairs group studying first contact potential on {0} has reported a disaster. Energy drainage due to an electromagnetic storm damaged their duck-blind camouflage, bringing the holographic system down for 39 hours. As a result the hidden survey team was exposed to the local population. Confusion and panic has caused a civil war to break out. Contact will not be possible until our team addresses the damage and repairs the contamination...assuming they survive. We cannot risk further contamination by rescuing the team.



Same as in BOTF, a Planet shifts from one class to another

FED: A Planet in system {0} is undergoing an atmospheric shift. The shift has altered the Planet's weather patterns faster than our Weather Control Systems are able to compensate for. The Planet will be unstable for a long time, and once it stabilizes, it may become more/less habitable to our colonists.



A random Planet in a system becomes barren. Extreme decrease in system population, many system structures are destroyed, the chances of an Earthquake/Volcano/Storm/Climate shift occurring on that planet is greatly increased during the next 10 turns)

FED: A Comet has struck a Planet in the {0} system. The system's defences were inadequate to stop the Comet, and the devastation is total; millions have died. The few remaining people are in for hard times, as virtually all structures have been destroyed, and the Planet is undergoing a Climate change. Predictions indicate this change will be permanent and negative in effect. There have been numerous Earthquakes, and Tectonic activity is on the rise. The system is in a state of emergency, and all trade has ceased. Hospital ships are desperately needed to carry out humani-tarian missions.



-40% credits Empire-wide for 5 turns

FED: Domestic terrorists simultaneously hacked into the credit systems of the Bank of Bolia and the Federation Development Bank. Using system overrides, they declared bankruptcies of several major Galactic Trade Consortiums and Companies. This has caused temporary, but widespread confusion in our monetary system.



Small improvement in relations with another Empire

FED: We have come into possession of some compromising material relating to a prominent {0} dignitary close to their President/Chancellor/Praetor. Using these, we have persuaded him to promote our interests in the {0} Government. Relations with {0} have improved.



Anti-Empire propaganda. Internal Affairs takes a major hit

FED: A personnel shortage in External Affairs has exposed a major flaw in our security. A rival power has somehow successfully hacked into the Federation News Network, and is spreading propaganda throughout the colonies and our non-native members. Current Bribe Resistance is at an all time low, and until we can reallocate personnel to External Affairs, current members are susceptible and vulnerable to this propaganda.



Large increase in morale Empire-wide, enemy intelligence in your Empire suffers a major long-term setback

FED: A full enquiry is underway on the Starship {0}, after an alert security officer uncovered evidence of espionage activity. In a show of confidence to deal with this crisis, Starfleet has dispatched its most experienced specialist to uncover the plot. As a result fleet-wide morale and loyalty has been strengthened.



Gain info on enemy starships - future combat effectiveness increase

FED: A {0} research convoy recently docked at one of our deep space outposts to replenish supplies. We exercised interplanetary law and performed a medical examination of the convoy. No infections were found, although one member of the team accidentally stumbled across schematics of the {0} empire's current ship designs. This data will be of crucial importance to Starfleet Intelligence.



Damages all ships in the sector, 1/4 to 2/3 of ships hit points per entrance. This event can only occur in open space, not a system

FED: Our vessel in sector {0} has encountered a Dark matter Nebula. These dangerous regions of space are practically invisible to our sensors until a ship has entered it. The ship has taken heavy damage, but the crew is attempting to make repairs. We should advise ships to avoid the area in future.



Decrease in amount of research gained in a particular field for 1 turn

Our {0} researchers were transmitting their data to {0} for processing. Upon receiving confirmation that the files were properly transmitted, the researchers followed standard Security procedure and deleted the data. The files did not reach their intended destination, however. We have ascertained the reason was a subspace phenomenon in one of the transit sectors. {0} teraquads of research data was lost.



Large increase in research in a random field for a short time

FED: A scientist from a rival empire has requested asylum. In return for our protection, he has brought with him all of his current research in the field of {0}_. Starfleet Security have completed their security checks, and the data the scientist has provided will be of great use to our researchers. The Federation welcomes all who wish to live under the flag of peace and mutual cooperation.



Morale boost, enemy intelligence in your Empire suffers a setback

FED: Morale has been boosted by the successful capture of a renegade officer. It is suspected he was planning to defect to {0} with many of our military secrets. A court martial is expected to convict him of treason.



Empire-wide Morale increase

FED: Negotiations with the newly contacted, but aggressive {0} have enjoyed a breakthrough. The threat of a devastating war has been averted, thanks to our elite delegate of External Affairs mediators. The news has boosted morale through the Federation. Peace is good for the Federation!



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race significantly worsen

FED: An insulting letter from a prominent Diplomat in our Empire managed to make its way through our communications network, before we were able to intercept it. The Diplomat has apologized, but the damage has been done. Relations with {0} have suffered.



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race significantly improve

FED: Our Diplomats have made a major breakthrough with the {0}. Relations with {0} have improved.



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race improve

FED: Whilst on a diplomatic mission on {0}, a Diplomat insisted on taking a short walk through the capital un-escorted. He was attacked, but the swift response of their security service saved the ambassadors life. The ambassador has praised the Government for their swift response, and relations have improved considerably.



Receive a large Computer research bonus

FED: A Positronic lifeform has been discovered. The lifeform appears to be the culmination of the life's work of the late Dr. Noonien Soong. It has been remarked as 'sentient' by our researchers, and may help our computer researchers develop new Positronic technologies. One thing is certain however: we will need to refine our definition of "sentience" with the discovery of this remarkable being.



Receive a large increase in all areas of research

FED: A ship has discovered the existence of a 'Dyson Sphere'. These massive objects surround an entire star, and use them as a source of power. The structure will be of great interest to our researchers. If we were able to build a station nearby, our scientists would be able to continue their research...



25% loss in personnel gain for {0} turns, small decrease in morale empire-wide

FED: A renowned officer has been convicted of dishonourable conduct. Enlistments have been temporarily reduced and morale has suffered.



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race worsen, -40% trade on trade routes with that race

FED: Domestic terrorists overrode security protocols for a Subspace Transmitter array. They altered several parts of a diplomatic transmission to the {0}. The message was distorted to appear extremely hostile to the {0}.



{0} credits added to treasury

FED: A philanthropist entrepreneur from {0} recently died of heart failure. His entire enterprise has been left to the United Federation.



Many structures destroyed, large decrease in population)

FED: Unprecedented Tectonic activity in system {0}! A series of Earthquakes devastated {0}. Several buildings were destroyed and casualties have been reported. Total casualties have been estimated at {0} million. The system Governor has urgently requested Humanitarian aid.



{0} credits are permanently lost from your treasury

FED: An audit of our assets has discovered a massive quantity of Latinum is missing from Federation investment accounts. Widespread embezzlement has been blamed, and an investigation is underway. {0} credits are missing from our treasury.



see also #8472 or #Species 8472

They pour out of a fluidic gate and destroy everything within sight - including Planets themselves. You have to fight them to stop the invasion. Species 8472 will only appear once the Borg have invaded, although if/when they appear will otherwise be random



see also #Borg



A random ship is dragged to the Cytherian system. Receive a large bonus in all areas of research, and relations with the Cytherians is opened

FED: The USS ___ recently disappeared while on deep-space exploration. While the investigation was under way, the ship reappeared at its last known coordinates. A race of galactic explorers known as the Cytherians provided the vessel with impressive information, which will advance all segments of our technology research.












+1 Morale Empire-wide and a small increase in research output Empire-wide




You are given the option to either research the Omega Particle, or destroy it. If you destroy it, there is a minimal chance that it will explode, destroying Subspace in the surrounding sectors, permanently halving movement rates in the three surrounding sectors and permanently causing the loss of trade in all systems in the surrounding area. If you decide to research it, you will get a 50% Empire-Wide research bonus to Energy for 10 turns, but the chances of Omega Exploding are considerably increased

FED: A ship has detected the presence of the Omega particle. If we research it, we run the risk of causing a catastrophic explosion, with a collapse of Subspace in the surrounding sectors. This would render Warp Drive inoperable, and would devastate entire systems. However, the amount of research that could be done is truly phenomenal, and could tip the balance of power in favour of the Federation. What should our researchers do? Destroy/Research



You gain some Biotech research points

FED: One of our ships has encountered a small vessel, possibly an escape pod, drifting in space. The main computer banks of the vessel describe it as a "Cell Ship" and mentioned a previously unknown organization called "The Cabal". Unfortunately, the only passenger was found dead, so our doctor undertook an autopsy. The results of the autopsy are disturbing, as the species was identified as "originally" Suliban; sophisticated genetic engineering techniques were used to enhance his abilities. Whilst the enhancements will make a fascinating study subject, Federation law makes it clear that genetic engineering must never be used to enhance a sentient organism; even school children know of our past mistakes, and those events must never be repeated. Starfleet has been placed on alert with orders to minimize contact with this dangerous organization.



In exchange for a random amount of resources, the Think Tank will provide you with a 50% Empire-Wide research bonus for 5 turns

FED: We have discovered a Think Tank of eminent scientists. In exchange for {0} resources and {0} crew, they will aid our researchers in all areas of research. Should we accept this offer? Yes/No



A random ship becomes trapped in a system for {0} turns. Players will be given a series of questions to make choices on. Depending on their answers, the guardian will allow your ship to continue in its mission, or will destroy it




Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race considerably improve, small increase in morale Empire-wide

FED: An enemy leader has been killed in an unfortunate accident. Whilst our condolences have been passed on, the leader was actively campaigning against our Government, spreading lies and turning the people against the Federation. Without his influence, we may now find it easier to negotiate treaties with the {0}.



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race considerably suffer, small drop in morale Empire-wide

FED: A member of the {0} Government has died in an apparent accident. The {0} security forces however leaked false information that the Federation was responsible for the "assassination". The President has offered his resignation for his handling of the incident, but the {0} people have unfortunately taken this as an admission of guilt. Relations will be strained for some time.



+20% Espionage/Sabotage against a random rival Empire for 20 turns

FED: An enemy spy has requested asylum. In return for our protection, he has given us a detailed account of enemy operations. We can use this information to ensure the protection of our great Federation.



Receive a small Propulsion research bonus

FED: The engineers on one of our Starships have come up with a new design for matter/antimatter injectors. They were inspired to replace the existing systems on their vessel when the injectors failed, preventing the vessel from achieving Warp velocity and temporarily stranding it in space. The new design crucially boasts both greater reliability and higher injection rates, which in turn promises greater speed. The new designs will become a standard part of future Warp Cores, and the engineers have received commendations for their exciting new designs.



Only occurs after war is declared, 50% increase in personnel gain for {0} turns

FED: The war with the {0} Empire has boosted troop enlistments. All we need now is enough ships to crew them with.



Increase in external affairs effectiveness for {0} turns

FED: Our elite team on {0} have donated a shipment of industrial Replicators to the government. This gesture could ensure affiliation is around the corner. At the very least it has speeded up membership negotiations.


ExternalAffairsCrisis .png
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Loss of external affairs effectiveness for {0} turns

FED: A violent confrontation by an attaché from {0} in the Federation Council Chambers has resulted in several home Ambassadors walking out in protest. External Affairs effectiveness is currently reduced.



-50% Food in system for 10 turns

FED: The Climate Control machines in system {0} have suffered a catastrophic failure due to a chronic lack of maintenance. Farmers in the system have reported that their crops have been ruined, and famine is becoming an increasing possibility. The people are in for a hard time, and the Governor has requested the aid of a Hospital ship and has appealed to the Federation Council for supplies.



Minor Races become less sympathetic towards you

FED: External Affairs has suffered a failure. Catastrophic first contact with the {0} has resulted in the death of our specialists. They will be mourned, and it will take some time to recruit new personnel. News of the failure is quickly spreading through the media.



A random ship takes a small amount of damage and loses 50% of its fuel reserves

FED: The USS {0} has reported a leak in its Deuterium fuel supply. It lost {0} units of Deuterium before the engineers could make emergency repairs, and it will need a refit and resupplying.



Relations improve with a random Empire/Minor race. Any Trade routes with this race permanently generate an extra +25% income

FED: At a recent diplomatic summit, our diplomats and the {0} diplomats have reached a new understanding. Relations have improved as a result.



Receive a small Construction tech bonus

FED: A geographical expedition has discovered a previously unknown source of a rare metal. Our Construction researchers will be itching to get their hands on the metal, as it is extremely durable, and will be useful in the Construction of future starship designs.



Increase in Dilithium/Raw Material gain from a system

FED: Whilst on a dig, some miners discovered a new lode of Dilithium/raw materials. We will begin to exploit this lode immediately. Our surveyors have estimated this will provide an extra {0} Dilithium/raw materials per month.



Movement impossible for X number of turns in a small ring of sectors. Gain a large amount of research if you scan it, and you get an increase in Deuterium supplies since ships are not travelling at Warp, but there is a loss of trade in affected Star Systems

FED: A Graviton Ellipse is passing through sector {0}. Due to the nature of this rare anomaly, all Warp-capable ships within the vicinity have had to shut down their Warp Cores, or risk being 'absorbed' into the anomaly and lost into Subspace. All ships within two sectors of the anomaly will now be placed on routine duties until the anomaly has passed. An exclusion zone has been set up around the sectors, and ships will not be able to fly within range of the anomaly.



A random ship becomes trapped in a system for {0} turns. Players will be given a series of questions to make choices on. Depending on their answers, the guardian will allow your ship to continue in its mission, or will destroy it




Collapse of Subspace in a sector for at least 50 turns. This event cannot happen in a system. Travel through the affected sector is impossible, and the movement rate of ALL ships - irrelevant of the race or Empire - is halved until Propulsion 9 - Field Compression - is discovered. The likelihood of this event occurring increases with every turn, and once it has occurred once, it could cause a cascading effect causing it to happen again in multiple nearby sectors

FED: There has been a major disaster in sector {0}. It seems that the Warp engines currently operated by Starfleet cause stress to the fabric of Subspace. A ship travelling through the sector caused a cascading rupture in the fabric of Subspace, which has ultimately rendered faster-than-light travel through the sector impossible. All Captains' have been alerted that speed restrictions will now take effect throughout the Galaxy until new engines can be designed to combat the problem.


HighwayRobbery .png
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Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race worsen

FED: Whilst touring the capitol, the head Ambassador for the {0} Empire was attacked! He is outraged at the lack of security and has left the compound, bound for his homeworld. His people are outraged by the security blunder, and have become less open to our advances.



A random planet becomes an artic planet. {0} population die, some structures destroyed

FED: Thousands of planets throughout the Galaxy are capable of supporting life, but the exact number of planets varies over time. One of these planets may soon need to be removed from the list, as its orbit has suddenly shifted out of the warm, habitable zone around its parent star. Temperatures are now plummeting and our climate control stations are stretched to breaking point. If the systems fail, the planet will almost certainly enter an Ice Age. We should consider evacuating the populace whilst there is still time.



Large increase in multiple tech areas for a set amount of time

FED: The recent war efforts have inspired an influx of scientists to the Federation. The scientists wish to specialise in a myriad of fields, and the influx has prompted the Federation Science Council to grant increase in funding to ensure their skills are put to use.



(1) Severely damages ships, stations, and structures in a system. This message occurs 5 turns before the event - (2) Severely damages ships, stations, and structures in a system. This message occurs after the event

(1) FED: (Before) A massive cloud of ionised particles is travelling through sector/system {0}. These particles play havoc with planetary communications, shields and power sources. Ships and stations may also suffer significant damage. It is recommended that ships and stations evacuate, until the Ion storm has passed.

(2) FED: (After) The Ion storm in sector/system {0} has dissipated. Some planetary structures may have been destroyed, although we are unsure yet of the details. Engineers have been dispatched to survey buildings, local stations, and vessels for damage and to begin repairs.



Receive a small Energy research bonus

FED: An energy lab has exploded. No one was injured in the blast, but our investigators have discovered an unusual energy signature from the debris. Whilst the loss of the lab will be a blow to our research efforts, our Physicists believe that an investigation of the energy could lead to the breakthrough they have been looking for.






Receive a large Biology research bonus

FED: During a recent Genetics experiment, a specimen developed an unusual mutation. Our scientists have determined that the mutation could hold the key to answering some of their most fundamental questions. This boost could take our research in previously unknown directions.



A random Nebula turns into a Star system over a number of turns. The system will be extremely rich in Deuterium and Raw Materials. (Gas Giants, Asteroids, and Crystalline Planets)

FED: A Nebula in sector {0} has collapsed. This unusual event has resulted in the formation of a new Star system in the sector. A survey vessel should be sent to scan the system immediately to gather astronomical data.



A Nebula forms in a random sector. Nebulas cause ships and stations in the sector to lose shields and halves sensor ranges and scan strengths. Some Nebulas types of Nebula may also cause damage to ships. Damaged ships will be destroyed if their hull reaches zero. Stations in such sectors may also be destroyed, but science stations will be immune

FED: A dense Nebula is forming in sector {0}. Our ship (s) in that sector are suffering from a loss of Shields and Sensors, and Communications is becoming increasingly difficult. It is recommended the ships are withdrawn from the sector, and a Science vessel be dispatched to investigate this phenomenon.



Relations with a random Empire or Minor Race worsen

FED: The Government of the {0} people has changed. The new Government is more wary of our advances than the previous Government. We have attempted to achieve a new understanding, but our efforts have been fruitless. Our relations with the {0} have been damaged.









A random colony is wiped out. If the system is re-colonised - by ANY race - the existing structures will be available to the new colony, except for any race-specific structures, eg. Federation Replicator

FED: The entire population of system {0} has been wiped out. A hazard team was sent to investigate the cause, and their tests conclude that Neural Parasites are the cause. The Parasites feed on the Neural Pathways of the Brain, resulting in death. The entire system will need to be quarantined until the Parasites are exterminated.



+100% Raw Materials in system for 10 turns

FED: Scientists have found radical new methods in the mining of Dilithium/Deuterium/Raw Materials. The accumulation of this resource in the system will be increased until the available veins have been exhausted.



Repair rate of damaged ships in system increased by 25%

FED: A young enlisted engineer aboard a resupply space station has suggested several new operating protocols. These will increase repair/resupply speed aboard that/some/all repair stations.



Receive a small Computer research bonus

FED: During the testing of a new device, a researcher entered the wrong subroutines into a critical program. A systems analysis has detected that the new subroutines have somehow boosted the computational capacity of the device, to a level that was previously unheard of.



Ships "disappear" in a system/sector for a minimum of 120 turns. (10 years) There is slight damage to structures in the system, a small random change in system population, a large increase in research output for several turns, and a small re-ducation in system morale

FED: A Subspace anomaly has passed through system {0}. Several people/ships have vanished without a trace. However, even more strangely, a group of people claiming they have lived inside the 'Nexus' for hundreds of years have appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. They have aided our researchers with their technological knowledge, but they have been expressing an urgent "need" to return to the anomaly. Unfortunately, the anomaly has returned to Subspace, and it is unknown where it is now located. The aliens have begun to cause trouble in their search for the energy ribbon.



Increase in available officers for {0} turns

FED: Starfleet Command has arranged an officer exchange program with another power. As a result we have an increased number of available officers.



+100% Food in a random system for 10 turns

FED: The Climate Control machines in system {0} have undergone a recent overhaul of their systems. Farmers have since reported near-perfect growing conditions, and there has been a boost in the productivity of the farms in the system.



Complete loss of trade in a system for a number of turns

FED: Pirate activities have been reported in the vicinity of system {0}. Several merchant vessels have come under attack, and trade is being lost as traders fear for their safety. No casualties have been reported so far, but things may escalate if the pirates move onto other systems. The Governor has requested that the military address the matter as soon as possible.



You lose a certain amount of population per turn. You will need to send a medical ship to save your people. If you send a medical ship to an enemy/minor race world, relations with the race will greatly improve

FED: A plague has stricken the population of {0} and has spread throughout the system. The planets own health laboratories cannot counter the effects, and the government has pleaded us to dispatch a hospital ship as soon as one is available)



+5% Espionage/Sabotage against a random rival Empire for 50 turns

FED: We have experienced significant breakthroughs in our Intelligence networks targeting the {0} Empire. Several dissidents have contacted us and are willing to spy for us and further our agenda. As a result, our Espionage/Sabotage efforts will be considerably increased for the foreseeable future.



Buildings damaged, decrease in population, Planet changes to "opposite" class; Volcanic to Barren, Barren to Desert, Desert to Terran/Jungle/Oceanic, Terran to Arctic. Rogue and Demon class Planets are not affected

FED: The poles on Planet {0} have changed polarity. Extreme weather has already been recorded, and a dramatic climate change is predicted. The system governor has appealed for aid and transports to commence an immediate evacuation of the populace.



Empire-wide drop in morale for 10 turns

FED: A prominent member of the Federation Council was killed in a Transporter accident. Initial examination has ruled out foreign influence; the advisor had an undiagnosed heart problem that only came to light he suffered a heart attack during a transport. The people are devastated by the tragedy and are in mourning for the loss of the popular leader. Morale has suffered Empire-wide.



Increase in a random system's growth rate for 10 turns

FED: Stories of the great prosperity and long lives that the inhabitants of system {0} have been blessed with have led to a major population influx in the system. People from across the Federation have been inspired to move by the stories, but without effective management, food supplies could run quickly low.



Relations with a random Empire or Minor Race improve

FED: The Government of the {0} people has changed. The new Government is more open to our Diplomatic advances, and our Diplomats are already in talks. Our relations have improved with the {0} Government.



Increases all production, scientific output, and population growth in a random system for one turn

FED: System {0} has been engulfed inside a temporal disturbance with a temporal variance of 1:655.3 seconds. Time inside the bubble is therefore passing more rapidly then in normal space. Production, scientific output, and population growth is up.



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race significantly improve, all trade routes with the Empire/Minor race generate +10% income

FED: The leader of the {0} has made a speech saying that joining us has begun a new age of prosperity for his people. As a result of the speech, the {0} people are rejoicing in their choice of allies. New trading opportunities are possible thanks to this momentous occasion.



Morale randomly fluctuates for x turns




see above



X number of energy and research structures are destroyed, population is killed off at an increasing rate for X number of turns, large reduction in population health, decrease in energy research

FED: There has been a disaster at a research plant in system {0}. While testing a radioactive source, there was an explosion. {0} million are dead and many have been poisoned with radiation, without enough Hyronalin to go around. The system governor has ordered a state of emergency and requests a Hospital ship be sent to help with the radiation poisoning cases.



Gain a Colony Ship

FED: We have encountered a colony ship originating from a doomed planet beyond our space. These survivors are desperate to find a new home and have pledged allegiance to us if we provide them with a place to live. (Free colony ship) (OR) We have encountered a colony ship full of refugees, running from what they call the "Borg". The refugees want a place to live and in exchange for that they will pledge their allegiance to us.



Gain {0} units of Dilithium\Deuterium\Raw Materials

FED: The USS {0} has run across the wreckage of a Dilithium\Deuterium\Raw Materials freighter. Nothing was salvageable except for {0} units of Dilithium\Deuterium\Raw Materials left in its cargo bays. An investigation has begun to identify what destroyed the vessel.



Small increase in research for a long time

FED: New scientific breakthroughs in {0} tech have resulted in a small influx of new scientists. They are willing to dedicate their lives in the pursuit of knowledge, and the Federation will benefit from their future discoveries.



Empire-wide drop in morale

FED: A chance meeting on the {0} border has prompted an emergency conference on Earth. The starship’s commander reported that his captain ignored established protocol and was sympathetic to the {0} struggle with the {0}. The captain almost broke the Prime Directive before the first officer removed him from command. The actions of the captain could indicate a worrying success in our enemy’s propaganda campaign against us. All attempts should be made to immediately strengthen Internal Affairs, and Starfleet Intelligence is redoubling its monitoring of communications throughout the Federation.






Renders ALL defences in a system inoperable, and significantly reduces energy output and morale in the system for a number of turns

FED: The star in system {0} has undergone a massive Solar Flare, disrupting our Communications network, along with all defensive Orbital Batteries, Stations, Shipyards and Planetary Shielding in the system! It has also dropped our energy output to a new low. The people's morale has dipped, and the system will remain undefended for a time. The Governor has requested military aid to ensure the safety of the system and stop the people rioting.



Large increase in population growth for X number of turns

FED: A change in the Solar Winds of system {0} has caused an unusual event. Metaphasic radiation has been blown into the system, blessing the people with long life and curing those with incurable diseases. The system has undergone a large increase in growth rate, as people flock to the system as word spreads. It may be wise to build more farms and food production facilities, as a precaution.



>>see #EncounterSpezies8472



see above



A system breaks away from your Empire. You can regain control by either subjugating it or through diplomacy. Other Empires can also gain control of it in the same way, so you'll have to establish Diplomatic relations quickly!

FED: The Planetary System of {0} has declared independence from the Federation. All system-related assets have been frozen. The new government has not committed any acts of aggression and is allowing a peaceful evacuation of all Star Fleet personnel and equipment, and Federation citizens



Receive a large Propulsion research bonus

FED: One of the brightest student minds at our top University has written a paper on a theoretical form of propulsion. Our amazed researchers have begun testing new propulsion designs that utilise his theories, and the new engine designs already have the potential to render older propulsion methods utterly obsolete. Practical new engine designs based on the new technologies are only a matter of months away, and if successful, Starfleet will consider making the new design standard on all future ship designs.



Same as BOTF, movement throughout the Galaxy is impossible for {0} turns. Affects ALL ships in the Galaxy

FED: An anomaly on the edge of the Galaxy has led to instabilities in the fabric of subspace. Our researchers recommend all Warp travel be ceased until the fabric of Subspace repairs itself. Warp drives have been shut down throughout our territory. Our colonies will have to do without supplies until Warp can successful be attained again.



A random ship is destroyed

FED: We have lost contact with our ships in sector {0}. A distress call was sent out moments before contact was lost, however the message was garbled. Our communications engineers have managed to piece together some of the message, and have found the ships were lost in a Subspace bubble. Whilst possible, it is unlikely the ships will ever return, and messages of condolence have been sent to the crew's families.



Receive a large Energy Research bonus

FED: During a standard sensor sweep, a starship triggered a rare Subspace reaction of a magnitude unreachable by current simulation systems. The sensor logs from the starship have provided invaluable data to our energy researchers.



You gain some Biotech research points

FED: One of our ships has encountered a small vessel, possibly an escape pod, drifting in space. The main computer banks of the vessel describe it as a "Cell Ship" and mentioned a previously unknown organization called "The Cabal". Unfortunately, the only passenger was found dead, so our doctor undertook an autopsy. The results of the autopsy are disturbing, as the species was identified as "originally" Suliban; sophisticated genetic engineering techniques were used to enhance his abilities. Whilst the enhancements will make a fascinating study subject, Federation law makes it clear that genetic engineering must never be used to enhance a sentient organism; even school children know of our past mistakes, and those events must never be repeated. Starfleet has been placed on alert with orders to minimize contact with this dangerous organization.



Decrease in population, some buildings damaged, chances of a climate change are greatly in-creased

FED: An increase in tectonic activity has resulted in a series of volcanic eruptions on a Planet in system {0}. The eruptions came with little warning, and mass evacuation of the populace was impossible due to heavy particulate contamination of the atmosphere. Every available ship has been sent to provide aid, but it is unlikely that they will arrive in time. {0} million people are already known to have died from immediate effects planet-wide, and the planet is currently undergoing an extreme climate change.



A System with a Red Giant Star is completely destroyed; the planets will cease to exist. You get this warning message approximately 12 turns (A year) before the event, giving you time to start an evacuation

FED: Supernova! Science scans have revealed the {0} Star's fusion reactant elements have been considerably reduced. The analysis has concluded a Supernova will occur in approximately a years' time. A full and immediate evacuation is recommended.



A System with a Red Giant Star is completely destroyed; the planets will cease to exist. This is the message after the event has taken place

FED: Supernova! The Star in system {0} has gone Nova. Our colony was destroyed, as was all life in the system. It is unlikely that any remaining ships left in the system managed to escape from the explosion, but rescue efforts are underway.



A random building in a random system is destroyed

FED: Domestic terrorism! Terrorists have detonated a small antimatter explosive in system {0}. The {0} was completely destroyed. Starfleet Intelligence is investigating the incident, but believe it is the work of extremists rather than foreign saboteurs.



A ship that is in production is destroyed

FED: Terrorists set off a bomb in the {0} shipyard. Although the shipyard is fine, the ship in was producing was completely destroyed and will have to be restarted from scratch. Terrorists gained access to a new construction project in system {0}. They set off a series of bombs near the Warp Core. The Anti-matter containment fields failed, and the ship was destroyed. We will need to improve security in our shipyards.



Increase in morale, chances of terrorism decreased, enemy intelligence in your Empire suffers a small setback

FED: Our internal security forces have uncovered and arrested the leaders of a terrorist group. As a result, loyalty among the citizenry has improved.



You are asked to provide resources towards a new scientific project. The more resources you commit, the greater the reward and the higher the chances of success

FED: A prominent scientist in the field of {0} has formulated a new and exciting theory. If it proves true, it could revolutionize the field. He has requested {0} Officers, {0} Deuterium, and {0} Dilithium [per turn] for {0} turns. The chances of success for the idea will depend on the amount of resources we are willing to commit to the project.


only old text !


Decrease in population growth in a random system for 10 turns

FED: Tourism is the lifeblood of the new world economy. Tourists bring much-needed income to areas where few other forms of income are available, or bring income that can be used to save rare species, protect fragile ecosystems, or preserve great works of architecture or art. Some of these tourists even stay, adding to the growth of new colonies. But tourism can be a fickle source of income, and reports of a spate of violent crimes throughout the system have prompted mass cancellations. It will take a huge security and advertising campaign to bring the tourists back to the system.



Trade from all trade routes ceases for {0} number of turns

FED: The Federation Trade Administration has called for a strike by all trade and transport associations. The response rate to the call was near 100%, halting traffic on all foreign and domestic trade routes. Negotiations with the FTA are progressing, but until the matter is resolved, we will receive no income from our trade routes and supplies may run low. We will have to tighten our belts and hope that the talks are successful.



Population decrease, food production facilities destroyed, starvation in system

FED: There has been an incident involving Tribbles in system {0}. The entire system's food supplies have been destroyed, owing to the creatures' exponential reproductive cycle and voracious appetite. The Governor has declared a state of emergency, and is requesting food supplies. It is believed the creatures were introduced as a pet. We will need to tighten control over the pet trade in future to prevent this from happening again.

KLING: yIHmey SurghwI' chon! Tribbles have eaten the entire food supply in system {0}. It doesn't matter though; our warriors are on the hunt! Death to the entire Tribble race!



Relations with a random Empire/Minor Race take a massive hit

FED: An undercover press operative found information concerning a recent act of genocide in {0} and leaked it to the public. The people are outraged. Relations with the {0} have suffered.



The population growth and/or food production of a random system randomly fluctuates

FED: The orbits of two planets in system {0} have resulted in a near-miss collision. Whilst the planets did not actually collide, the gravitational interaction has pulled planet {0} into an unstable orbit. Only time will tell what affect this will have on the planetary environment and its population.



A Wormhole randomly shifts endpoints

FED: The Wormhole in sector {0} has become unstable and has undergone a shift. It is unknown where the endpoint may now lie. It is recommended that the Wormhole be no longer used.



(only old textes

Empire-wide Morale increase

FED: Negotiations with the newly contacted, but aggressive {0} have enjoyed a breakthrough. The threat of a devastating war has been averted, thanks to our elite delegate of External Affairs mediators. The news has boosted morale through the Federation. Peace is good for the Federation!



Receive a large Weapons tech bonus

FED: A recent wargame training simulation yielded unexpected results, when a computer reconfigured all of the weapons systems on the test vessel to generate a single, massive pulse of Phaser energy. The Phaser pulse would have been powerful enough to obliterate the test compound had the weapons officer not been able to disable the computer, but analysis of the reconfiguration has led to a renewed understanding in Nadion weapons technology.



A random ship is destroyed

FED: We have lost contact with the USS {0} in sector {0}. Another vessel was dispatched to locate the missing ship, which resulted in the discovery of heavily corroded hull fragments that match the materials and mass of the missing ship. The likely cause of her loss is a massive containment failure of the Warp Core. No survivors were found from this terrible accident, and a fleet-wide review of containment procedures is under way.



Receive a small Weapons tech bonus, -1 system morale for 10 turns

FED: A test of a new torpedo design went spectacularly wrong when an engineer miscalculated the amount of antimatter needed to power the explosion. The explosion vaporised the test facility, which was built from the very latest Polyduranium armour. Whilst the loss of the facility is a blow, the data gathered from remote sensor systems will be useful in designing larger antimatter storage devices that will allow for the creation of new torpedoes with the same destructive potential. The test facility is now being rebuilt with the design of more powerful explosive devices in mind.



Decrease in population, many structures are destroyed. If the system has a charge collector, the system gets an energy bonus for X number of turns and the damage caused is reduced

There has been a Breakdown of our Weather Control System on a Planet in system {0}. There have been reports of flooding, droughts, firestorms, tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes from across the entire planet. The system governor has declared a state of emergency, and requests Humanitarian aid. Engineers have been dispatched to inspect the damage and get the system running again.

FED: (With Charge Collectors) There has been a Breakdown of our weather control systems on a Planet in system {0}. However, the damage has been limited by the presence of our Charge Collectors on the Planet. The Charge Collectors are working at full capacity, and will continue to gather power from the Planet's atmospheric disruption.



A Wormhole forms in a random sector

FED: A new anomaly has appeared in sector {0}; a cascading inversion of Subspace led to the formation of a new Wormhole. Both our military and research branches have strongly suggested we investigate it immediately.