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A planet is a part of a system.

Important Icons

see info at Manual#Important Icons

Planet Types


Class Subject Status Comment Custom1 Custom2
B Gas Giant uninhabitable
D Crystalline uninhabitable
G Desert
J Barren
K Volcanic
L Jungle
M Terran
O Oceanic
P Arctic
R Rogue
Y Demon uninhabitable


  • primary purpose of popuation is to be allocated to food, industry, energy or research work areas (see Manual).
  • Population has a morale influencing production.
  • Credits are taxes paid by the empire’s population and increase as your population increases.
  • a new Trade Route is created at multiples of 150

Growth Rate

Growth rates depend whether the planet is ideal for the race or not:

Federation: - Terran - Romulans: - Terran - Klingons: - Jungle - Cardassians: - Desert - Dominion: - Jungle -

When a race is on its ideal planet type it has its highest growth rate. (defined in UniverseTables.txt)

  • Uninhabitable 0%
  • Hostile 1%
  • Marginal 2%
  • Adequate 3%
  • Comfortable 4%
  • Ideal 5%

Buildings for additional GrowthRate: GrowthRate + PercentGrowthRate: Database-List Tip: build IMMUNOLOGY_CENTRE as soon as possible to each colony to get more growth rate

Population Health

see also Scripted Event#Plague: You lose a certain amount of population per turn. You will need to send a medical ship to save your people. If you send a medical ship to an enemy/minor race world, relations with the race will greatly improve.

Population Support

[BotF] Ship maintenance below the population support value was not payed, only whatever was above that value would be deducted every turn from the treasury.
Population Support = Total Population * Race Modifier
Race Modifier = 1.000 Klingons 0.850 Cardassians 0.800 Romulans 0.775 Humans 0.750 Ferengi
Race Modifiers should be made data-driven.


(defined in UniverseTables.txt)


Due to it's not implemented yet - all inhabitable planets are already terraformed (don't wonder about old screenshots).

see also to do list#Features Overview


other planet generator